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About us

On a mission to help you to the best of our knowledge.

Photon Mission BV is a leading photonics company that is dedicated to revolutionizing industries and transforming lives through the power of light. With a team of passionate experts and a commitment to innovation, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in the field of photonics.

We are on a mission to bring photonic measurement techniques and instruments to companies and research institutes. By doing so, we are helping to shorten development time and remove technical barriers. Photon Mission takes a customer-centric approach, placing a strong emphasis on understanding our clients’ unique challenges and requirements. By closely collaborating with our clients, we develop customized setups that address their specific needs. We combine scientific expertise, technical proficiency, and a commitment to quality to ensure that our solutions consistently meet or exceed expectations.

More about our partners

We believe that collaboration and partnership are crucial for driving innovation and creating meaningful impact. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders, research institutions, and organizations that share our vision. By fostering strategic partnerships, we can leverage collective expertise and resources to accelerate the adoption of photonic technologies and drive industry-wide advancements.

Our staff has successfully worked with distributors in previous organizations and learned what is valuable to a supplier and what is not. Photon Mission prides itself in having a less-is-more attitude when it comes to suppliers. Limiting the number of suppliers enables us to be more familiair with the products. Fewer suppliers also leads to quicker response times for our customers and suppliers. Photon Mission will proactively engage the market to ensure that our clients are diverse and complimentary.

More about our partners
Photon Mission is more than just a company. We are on a mission to do things differently as a distributor. To ensure you receive more time and more focus, we work with fewer, specifically selected suppliers. This enables us to be better at what we do and do more of it.

How can we help you?

At Photon Mission, we embrace the power of innovation and collaboration. We firmly believe that by bringing the right things together and creatively combining them in new ways, we can achieve extraordinary results. Therefore collaboration, in addition to fully understanding your challenges, is at the core of our approach.

Personal advice

We take a customer-centric approach. Only by fully and completely understanding your challenges, we create happy customer for the future.


We believe in an open dialog and equal partnership.


We bring 50+ years of photonics experience. Prior to working in photonics, our staff worked in both industrial as well as academic companies. With passion for problem solving we support our customers with even the most difficult problems.

Shorter development

By sharing our experiences and best practices we will help you implementing photonics in your application or process.

The best partners

By working together with strong, industry leading companies, we achieve new and ground-breaking results.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

Photon Mission has a varied team with specialized experiences and strengths. We often say 1+1=3.

Meet the team

Our team at Photon Mission is a dynamic group of dedicated professionals who are passionate about photonics and driven to make a meaningful impact. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to every project we undertake.

Ruud Niesen

Spectroscopy / Etching & Deposition - Managing Director

Romero Kicken

Hyperspectral Imaging / Etching & Deposition - Managing Director

Ronald Jansen

Hyperspectral Imaging & Vision Specialist - New Business Development Manager

Daan de Boer

Lasers & MIR Spectroscopy - Regional Business Development Manager

Keiko Kicken

Customer Service Representative

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We currently do not have an open position. But are always open to talk with talented people about how they could fit in our team.
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