📡Photon Mission is beyond excited to declare our latest quest: Operation Opto-Alliance!

We’ve joined forces with OPTOMAN – becoming the official sidekick and distributor in Benelux and Denmark regions. Prepare for a spectacle of precision, as Photon Mission brings OPTOMAN’s superhero optics to help you with your laser challenges.


Imagine OPTOMAN as the superhero of laser optics, swooping in to save the day with their cutting-edge ion-beam sputtering technology and laser-defying optics. OPTOMAN isn’t just about products; it’s about powering your projects to hit the bullseye of innovation. Because with great laser power comes great responsibility for coaters!

🎯 Photon Mission & OPTOMAN: Co-Authoring the Future!

Photon Mission isn’t just about embarking on missions; we’re about completing them with a bang! With “Operation Opto-Alliance,” we’re not just combining forces; we’re merging visions, crafting a future where every photon counts, and where every laser beam is handled with precision.

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