Established in 2000 Wasatch Photonics produces the world’s finest volume phase holographic gratings and spectroscopic instruments for retail and OEM customers. Wasatch Photonics offer components and complete systems for use in a variety of applications that include laser pulse compression, Raman Spectroscopy and Optical Coherent Tomography. With over 150 years of combined experience, Wasatch are committed to quality.


At Photon Mission BV, we are dedicated to offering our customers unique and market-leading products that set them apart from the competition. That’s why we are proud to have a partner like Wasatch Photonics with whom we work so intensely close with. In this blog we want to highlight why we chose to work with Wasatch Photonics, and why we are happy and enthusiastic about the collaboration going forward.

As a trusted local partner, we have the advantage of close proximity to Wasatch Photonics operations, allowing us direct access to their team of experts and keeping us up-to-date with their cutting-edge technologies. This enables us to provide comprehensive guidance and support, helping our customers make informed decisions about integrating Wasatch products into their projects.

History and philosophy

Why Wasatch? We take our name – and our inspiration – from the Wasatch Mountain Range where we began in 2002. These mountains remind us to think big, value clarity, and be true to ourselves daily. Like you, we get excited about the science and structure of how nature works, and the subtle nuances of applying light to solve new problems. We’re run independently and think innovatively, allowing us to work dynamically with partners developing new applications of light. We come to work because we believe science has the power to effect real change in the world, and we want to make a lasting contribution. That’s why we make our products as efficient, as sensitive, and as flexible as possible – to help you do more, faster. Whether you are a researcher pushing the boundaries of science, or an OEM developing transformative products, let’s start that conversation today.

About Wasatch Photonics

At Wasatch Photonics, quality is the primary driver of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and the definition of quality goes far beyond the physical product. Through continuous process improvement, we seek to design superior products and then deliver them on time and in specification to exceed our stakeholders’ expectations.

The vision and mission of Wasatch Photonics comes from the vertical integration of their products:

Wasatch Photonics MIssion and Vision

World’s Fastest Spectrometers

80 years of volume phase holographic experience came together to form Wasatch Photonics (WP). From this, Wasatch developed “Ultimate Diffraction Gratings”. Mike Sullivan and his company Kiara Biosystems was a good customer of WP. Mike is well known and respected in optical and spectrometer design. Wasatch Photonics teamed up with him to incorporate our gratings with an optimum optical design. This f 1.3 optical design paired with our gratings allowed us to create the “World’s Fastest Spectrometers” This not only refers to the fast optics in our spectrometers but also refers to the high throughput and fast acquisition times that can be achieved by this combination.

Wasatch Photonics spectrometers are ideal for low light level applications or applications that require high-speed processing. Let us use this expertise to develop a solution for your application.

Wasatch often says: “we build the most sensitive, robust, and reproducible Raman spectrometers & systems available in a compact, portable footprint – to enable new applications of Raman in the lab, field & the clinic”. They offer the most comprehensive range of Raman wavelengths and configurations available, and work with you to find the right solution for your application. And once you’ve unlocked the power of Raman (or NIR) to get the answers you need, we help accelerate and simplify your OEM product development so that you can share it with the world.

Easy to customize, high throughput VPH transmission gratings

Wasatch Photonics VPH transmission gratings deliver high efficiency, low polarization dependence, and uniform performance over broad bandwidths and large clear apertures – all in a robust, field-tested package. Wasatch offers multiple patented design technologies, which gives more flexibility to recommend the best transmission grating for your unique application. Wasatch Photonics VPH grating capabilities span the UV/VIS/NIR:

Wavelengths: 300-2500 nm  |  Bandwidths: 5-800 nm  |  150-5000 lines/mm

Choose from in-stock gratings, or talk to us about designing a custom grating or grism for your next R&D project. Are you developing a new OEM product? Wasatch can optimize a transmission grating to your exact needs. As an experienced volume gratings supplier, together we offer quality, performance, and consistency you can count on.

High quality OCT spectrometers, ready to scale for high volume

Optical coherence tomography is a powerful technique for non-destructive 3D imaging of tissue and materials. It is used in research, medical diagnostics, guided surgery, industrial processing, and non-destructive testing. At Wasatch Photonics, they enable those applications with innovative solutions built on our industry-leading OCT gratings. Our patented designs reduce roll-off and increase sensitivity for faster, clearer images. Whether you’re a researcher or OEM, we’ll support you with the right grating or spectrometer to quickly build a system that captures the images you need. Explore our tips for building your own OCT system, or reach out for advice specific to your unique application and needs. Contact us today!


  • Superior efficiency and signal-to-noise for greater image clarity that goes deeper
  • Patented VPH gratings for low polarization dependence & high diffraction efficiency
  • Pre-configured spectrometers to speed your system design & boost performance
  • Advanced spectrometers like the Cobra-S: 250 kHz scanning, <6 dB rolloff @ 2.5 mm
  • >30 research & OEM spectrometer models for the exact range, resolution & speed you need
  • OCT-specific software development kits to simplify data acquisition & analysis
  • In-house OCT expertise and understanding of your application needs
Wrap-up: The Wasatch Advantage

Wasatch Photonics mastered techniques and products around collecting more light, managing more light and detecting more light. This design philosophy can be seen throughout the entire product range. For you this means:

  • Measuring with higher intensity;
  • Faster acquisition rates;
  • Being able to achieve a lower limit of detection.

Together with Wasatch Photonics we (Photon Mission) help many researchers and companies around us to achieve the next level in research or performance.

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