Introducing the ULTRIS XM: A New Era in Hyperspectral Imaging Technology

We are proud to announce the launch of the ULTRIS XM, the latest innovation in hyperspectral imaging from Cubert. Designed to set a new standard in the field, the ULTRIS XM incorporates groundbreaking technology and features that redefine what is possible with hyperspectral imaging.

Key Features of the ULTRIS XM:

  • Unprecedented Spatial Resolution: The ULTRIS XM boasts the highest native spatial resolution ever achieved by Cubert hyperspectral snapshot cameras, with 1 Megapixel clarity. This advancement ensures unparalleled image quality and detail, with a native resolution of 1000 × 1000 spatial pixels across 51 spectral bands, delivering 51 million spectra per frame.
  • Versatile Spectral Range: Engineered to operate seamlessly as a classic Visible and Near-Infrared (VNIR) camera, the ULTRIS XM covers a wide spectral range from 400 to 900 nm. This versatility makes it suitable for a diverse array of applications, from scientific research to industrial quality control.
  • Easy Connectivity and Data Transfer: With USB3 connectivity, the ULTRIS XM ensures rapid and effortless data transfer, facilitating efficient workflows and data management.
  • Flexible Lens Compatibility: The inclusion of a C-Mount adapter offers users the freedom to select lenses that best suit their specific needs, enhancing the camera’s adaptability to various applications. Additionally, the camera can be mounted on other optical systems, such as microscopes, for enhanced imaging flexibility.

Advanced Filter Options for Customized Imaging:

  • Standard and Custom Wavelength Ranges: The ULTRIS XM introduces mosaic optical bandpass filters with a Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) of 25 nm, providing a standard wavelength range of 400-900 nm. Additionally, users can opt for an alternative set of 25 nm FWHM filters at the time of purchase, allowing for a custom 500 nm range within the broader VNIR spectrum of 385 to 1000 nm.
  • Enhanced Spectral Resolution with ULTRIS X20 Compatibility: For applications requiring even higher precision, the ULTRIS XM can be equipped with the ULTRIS X20’s premium filter set, featuring a narrower FWHM of 10 nm. This option offers a refined spectral resolution beneficial for high-precision spectral analysis, albeit within a more limited 200 nm range.

The ULTRIS XM stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing hyperspectral imaging technology. Whether equipped with standard or high-resolution filters, the ULTRIS XM is engineered to meet the most demanding scientific and industrial imaging requirements with unmatched precision and reliability.


Discover the next level of hyperspectral imaging with the ULTRIS XM – your solution for advanced spectral data acquisition and analysis.

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