Optical tweezers (originally called single-beam gradient force trap) are scientific instruments that use a highly focused laser beam to hold and move the microscopic and sub-microscopic objects like atoms, nanoparticles and droplets, in a manner similar to tweezers. If the object is held in air or vacuum without additional support, it can be called optical levitation.

NKT Photonics has been the go-to brand for successful implementation of optical tweezers or standing wave-type dipole traps, using their Koheras product line. When working with the Koheras BOOSTIK and its efficient and stable wavelength conversion module, the Koheras HARMONIK, you can address the dipole trapping wavelengths of your favorite atoms such as Strontium or Rubidium. Wavelength conversion also quenches any ASE in the laser system and ensures a spectrally pure signal. With its high power, ASE suppression through conversion, lack of chillers, and fiber-delivered light, the Koheras lasers are ideal for dipole trapping in the lab and the rack. Read more about Quantum Technology and Optical Tweezers!

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Source: https://www.nktphotonics.com/applications/quantum-nano-technology/dipole-trapping/

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